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The weather in Mallorca is one of the main factors why people choose this island for their holidays and life. And let’s find out more about it.

Mallorca’s climate

The island of Majorca enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with around 300 days of sunshine a year, making it ideal for holidays almost all year round. In addition to the hot summer months, a fairly mild winter follows. Snow can only be encountered at the top of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains.

The average annual temperature ranges from 16 to 18°C, with an average maximum on summer days of 29/31°C and an average minimum on winter nights of 5/9°C. It should be noted that there are temperature rises in summer up to 35 ° C and in winter below -2 ° C, and sometimes temperatures can reach 41 ° C in summer and up to -6 ° C in winter.

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Winter in the Balearic Islands is much warmer than in the rest of Spain. Therefore, the low season in Mallorca is especially appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and travellers, as hotel and flight prices become very affordable, beaches and the most beautiful places of the island are practically empty.

In the second half of January almonds begin to blossom, in March – peach trees are abundantly covered with flowers, and in spring – the time of citrus blossom. At this time, the island is fragrant, with pleasant floral odours exuding their fragrance in different parts of Mallorca. 

When is the best time to go to Mallorca

The summer months are characterised by fairly long days, with almost 10 hours of sunshine on Mallorca. But the right water temperature is also important for swimming. The bathing season starts in May and lasts for 6 months until the end of October. Although there are guys who swim in December and April. The weather in Mallorca in these months is also sunny, although the water is sobering, to say the least. In early May, the water in the Mediterranean Sea off Mallorca warms up to +18 degrees, which is enough to open the swimming season without fear of freezing. The sea temperature reaches its maximum in August and remains at this temperature (+25 degrees Celsius) until the end of September. Summer rain in Mallorca is a very rare phenomenon, and if there is rain, it is short-lived and not abundant. It is believed that the best time for a beach holiday in Mallorca is between June and September. This is the height of the high season and all Mallorca beaches are very crowded, and the price of flights and hotels are going upwards.
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Holidays in Mallorca in October are also very possible. The weather is warm and the water is still warm enough, but the rainfall increases from the middle of the month. Most of the rain falls within a few days, with the most intense rainfall in autumn with 40% of the total annual rainfall.

The best months for beach holidays in Palma de Mallorca are June, July, August and September.

The warmest month is August: 31 ° C (daytime temperature).

The coldest month is January: 4°C (night-time temperature).

The wettest month is October: 68 mm.

The driest month is July: 7 mm of rain.

The maximum water temperature in August: 25 ° C.

The sunniest month is July: 10.9 hours of sunshine per day.

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In January and February, the humidity on Mallorca reaches 83 %. Despite the large number of sunny days (about 18) and the average daily temperature of +11…+12 ° C, due to the humidity the weather seems cool.

On the 22nd of January 2021, a new storm passed over the island of Mallorca. On this day, a new record of 130 km/h wind speed was set in the area of Mallorca airport. The previous record of 118 km/h in the airport area was recorded in 1996. The winds caused massive damage to Mallorca’s towns. Dozens of trees broken in two, partially destroyed or damaged buildings. And in the mountains, wind gusts of up to 170 kilometres per hour.

Bad weather, even in the winter months, is a very short-lived phenomenon. Usually the rain is quickly replaced by sunshine and this is the beauty of Mallorca’s climate.

With the arrival of March the coast warms up to +15 … +16 ° C. It is still early to swim, but you can comfortably go hiking and recognise the island.

In April it gets warmer by 1-2 degrees. Easter holidays fall on this month and the island slowly begins to fill up with holidaymakers.

May can be called the start of the holiday season. Daytime air temperature does not fall below +20 ° C, and the water in the sea has already warmed up to +18 ° C. There are not so many tourists yet, and it is an ideal time to lie on the beach and make excursions around Mallorca.

June is one of the most comfortable months for holidays on the island. During the day it is warm, but not hot. On the average the air warms up to +26 ° C during the day, and the water in the sea is not lower than +21 ° C.

July is the sunniest month of the year. The air temperature during the day is warmer than +30 ° C, and at night about +23 ° C. The probability of rain in July is zero. 

The high season peaks in August. The air temperature in Mallorca is a couple of degrees lower than in July, but the sea warms up to +25° Celsius.

September is known all over the world as the velvet season. Mallorca is no exception. The day becomes less for about an hour, the heat gradually decreases, tourists become less, well, and the sea is still as warm – + 25 ° C.

In October-November it is still warm, the water temperature remains quite high until December (+18…+21° C). In these months the daytime temperature stays at +19…+23° C, and the amount of rain from the end of October is increasing.

An average of +13° C in December hints that it is time to get ready for the winter Christmas holidays, go hiking and enjoy Mallorca after the rain. 

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