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Our tour begins with a walk along the cobbled streets Valldemossa - one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Mallorca.

Further, the path lies towards the stunning views that open from the observation deck Sa Foradada. Nearby is also Son Marroig.

Сон Марройг Экскурсия по Майорке

Soller and Soller Port – the next stop on our route. This is an ancient town located in an orange valley and surrounded on all sides by mountains. The old narrow-gauge wooden train connecting Soller with Plaza España in Palma was opened in 1912 to transport fruit to Palma, and today continues to transport tourists, not oranges. If you wish, you can have lunch at one of Soller's restaurants or try the famous orange ice cream.

Moving further along the road that crosses the mountain range, two reservoirs Gorg Blau and Es Kuber, which are called the "lakes" of Mallorca. The charming views from the observation decks have inspired more than one artist and photographer.

Сольер Порт Экскурсия по достопримечательностям Майорки

Holy places, even if you are not a believer, are still worth visiting. Monastery of Lluc - one of the largest shrines of the island with a beautiful surrounding area, garden and picnic area. Optionally, you can order paella, which will be prepared while you walk around the monastery.

Excursion price along the route Valldemossa, Son Marroig, Sa Foradada, Soller and the port of Soller, mountain lakes and the Lluc monastery for 1-5 people  (duration 7 - 8 hours; price does not include: entrance fees to paid attractions and meals; additional hours are paid separately 40 euros/hour):

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