Фото старинный поезд из Пальмы в Сольер Майорка

Excursion Soller train - Port of Soller - Alcudia - Formentor

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This tour of Mallorca begins with a beautiful journey through the mountains and tunnels on a vintage train from 1912 that still runs to the city of Soller. The excursion route originates from the city of Bunyola. From there and to Soller, beautiful mountain panoramas open up all the way. You have to cross 13 tunnels, one of which is already 3 kilometers long. The train cars are made of wood, which conveys the authenticity and spirit of the time when trains were the main means of transport between cities.

In Soller, the most French city of Mallorca, which in appearance is very reminiscent of French Provence, we will walk to the heart of Soller - Constitution Square, to the Church of St. Bartolomeu, with magnificent architecture, and try the famous ice cream. The old tram that connects the city of Soller with the port also passes through this square. 

Изображение город Сольер Майорка, Церковь Святого Бартоломеу

Port Soller is a pleasant place for walking and relaxing. By the way, there is a very good beach here, if you wish, you can swim and continue our excursion path.

Having captured in memory and on the camera everything beautiful that we encountered along the way, we find ourselves in the old town of Alcudia, surrounded by a defensive wall. One of the favorite pastimes of tourists is a walk through the ancient streets of Alcudia and along the wall itself. From there, by the way, beautiful panoramas also open up. The old town itself is full of various cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops. Here you can break the excursion and stop for lunch.

Изображение мыс Форментор, достопримечательность Майорки

The end point of this Mallorca excursion route is Formentor (you can read more about it in our article). The observation deck, located at an altitude of 300 m above sea level, will offer you enchanting views of the cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea and Cape Formentor. Going down 4 km from the lookout, we get to the beach of the same name Formentor, next to which the hotel is located. This hotel is a favorite of world-class stars. And Formentor beach is one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

We are sure that the excursion will give you a lot of positive emotions, vivid memories and beautiful photographs!

Excursion price along the route Soller train, Soller port, Alcudia, Formentor for 1-5 people  (duration 6 - 7 hours; price does not include: entrance fees to paid attractions and meals; additional hours are paid separately 40 euros/hour):

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