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Excursion to the Dragon Cave - San Salvador - Cura Sanctuary

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Dragon caves are located at a depth of 25 meters underground; 1.2 km of these caves are available for tourists to visit. In addition to the huge variety of thousands of stalagmites and stalactites, you will enjoy a romantic and beautiful 10-minute concert and the opportunity to sail a boat on an underground lake illuminated by lights.

These caves attract many visitors every year and make even an experienced tourist admire the creations of nature.

Святилище кура Экскурсии на Майорке в лучшие достопримечательности

For beautiful panoramas that open over the entire island of Mallorca, we will head up to a height of 509 meters along a beautiful serpentine road. Our path lies to the sanctuary San Salvador. In addition to the 35-meter column with a statue of Christ, who extends his hand in blessing, you will visit the former monastery building, which until 1992 housed monks and which is now a popular place of pilgrimage; as well as a hill with a 14-meter cross, which is also an excellent observation deck.

Further, the path lies to another, even higher mountain, to a height of 548 meters to a holy place, where about 20 hermits previously lived, spending their days in prayer. Now this place is famous not only for its gracious atmosphere and sensations that cover any person who reaches Sanctuary of Cura. Here you can stay overnight, eat in a restaurant, have a picnic, viewing more than 30 settlements of Mallorca from a height.

Excursion price to the Dragon Caves, San Salvador, Cura Sanctuary for 1-5 people (duration 6 - 7 hours; price does not include: entrance fees to paid attractions and meals; additional hours are paid separately 40 euros/hour):

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