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Booking an excursion to the Arta Caves, the old town of Alcudia, the cape and Formentor beach will be an excellent solution to spend your holiday in Mallorca in a varied and eventful way.

If you are vacationing in the southern part of the island of Mallorca, then our excursion route will lie through the city of artisans Manacor. At this point we can make a stop and visit the Majorica pearl factory. Cultured pearls, the heritage of Spain, are produced here. It is impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. At the pearl factory you will see the process of pearl creation and, if desired, you will be able to purchase finished products.

The Arta Caves are a fairly popular attraction in Mallorca. Of course, not as visited as the Dragon Caves, but no less interesting. The entrance to the Arta Caves is located opposite the sea, on a cliff almost 40 meters high. It is assumed that the Arta caves have been visited by people since prehistoric times. In general, these caves are full of stories. For example, in the 13th century, King Jaume I and his army attempted to fumigate Moorish soldiers. You can still see stones blackened by soot at the entrance. The caves themselves have halls with bizarre and slightly mystical names. They contain one of the largest stalagmites in the world with a height of 22 meters. There is something to see!

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The old town of Alcudia is surrounded by a medieval wall. Here it is pleasant to take a walk along the narrow cobbled streets that intertwine with each other, drink a cup of coffee in a cafe, and wander along the walls surrounding the old city. They offer a magnificent view of both the old town and the surrounding area.

The highlight of our excursion will be a visit to Cape Formentor. The road to it itself catches your eye with breathtaking views. From the steep cliff of the observation deck Es Colomer itself is visible Cape Formentor. 4 kilometers away is the equally famous Formentor beach and the hotel of the same name, where famous personalities have vacationed and are vacationing. 

A lot of beautiful photos and wonderful emotions from this excursion to the sights of Mallorca are guaranteed!

Excursion price to the Pearl Factory, Arta Caves, Alcudia and Formentor for 1-5 people  (duration 6 - 7 hours; price does not include: entrance fees to paid attractions and meals; additional hours are paid separately 40 euros/hour):

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