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Excursion Palma - Valldemossa - Deia - Sa Foradada

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This excursion to the sights of Mallorca, in addition to tourists vacationing on the island, is also suitable for people traveling on cruise ships and having one day to explore the island.

The tour begins with an introduction to the city of Palma de Mallorca. More precisely, with Bellver Castle, located on a hill 112 meters high. From there you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the capital of Mallorca. This is a round castle built in the Gothic style at the beginning of the 14th century. Inside it is the Museum of the History of the City of Palma, with various exhibits from past centuries.

The tour then moves on to Cathedral of Palma. Maybe you have already had the opportunity to consider all its greatness and beauty from the outside. Now let's do it from the inside. Inside, La Seu Cathedral is no less impressive.

Пасео дель Борн Фото, экскурсия по Пальме де Майорке

Old city или Каско антигуо (Casco antiguo) — логическое продолжение этой экскурсии по Пальме. Королевские сады, готические церкви, многовековые внутренние дворики и площади, антикварные и книжные магазины — все они хранят дух прошлых веков. Прогулка в тени деревьев по Пасео дель Борн (Paseo del Born) несомненно вызовет приятные чувства. Чтобы отдохнуть немного, можно остановиться в одном из традиционных кафе Майорки и выпить кофе с традиционной майоркинской энсаймадой.

Having refreshed ourselves a little, we continue our excursion to a very atmospheric city Valldemossa ((read more about it in our article). It was this city that was chosen in the 19th century by Chopin and his beloved for wintering. The Carthusian monastery still preserves the story of this loving couple. The streets are full of flowers, walking around the city of Valldemossa is an incredible pleasure. Make sure of this too.

Экскурсия в город Дейя на Майорке

Observation deck Sa Foradada attracts hundreds of tourists every day with its beauty. Sa Foradada is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can admire its beauty from the restaurant, whose terrace offers a beautiful view of this small peninsula and the endless sea.

Deia village not as famous as the rest of the sightseeing cities of Mallorca. But the reason for this is only a small number of parking spaces. By the way, this is the favorite city of Julia Roberts, who returns to Deia time after time to relax and seek inspiration. This amazing village is located at the foot of Mount Teix among tall cypress trees and lush palm trees. This place is an oasis of peace and silence, which is a muse for many people in the arts.

Excursion price around the city of Palma, Valldemossa, Deia, Sa Foradada for 1 - 5 people  (duration 6 - 7 hours; price does not include: entrance fees to paid attractions and meals; additional hours are paid separately 40 euros/hour):

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