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La Granja - Valldemossa - Sa Foradada - Son Marroig - Formentor

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This trip begins with a visit to the estate La Granja of the 17th century, which will allow you to see the traditions of life in Mallorca, see what the rich estate of the island's inhabitants looked like several hundred years ago, take part in tasting local wines and products, stroll through the garden with fountains, ponds, and a waterfall. This is a very popular place among tourists, because vacation is not only beaches and “doing nothing.” Vacation is an acquaintance with the history and traditions, life and habits of the local population. La Granja is a great place to experience at least a little history of past centuries.

Valldemossa is recognized as the richest town in the Balearic Islands. In addition, it is rich in history, surprises and delights with the beauty and bright colors of its cobbled streets and picturesque views of nature. It’s not for nothing that Chopin and George Sand once chose Valldemossa for the winter.

Са Форадада Экскурсия Майорки

Sa Foradada (and Son Marroig (receive many tourists on its territory every day. And not by chance! The observation decks offer stunning views. In addition, you can visit the estate of the Austrian Archduke Son Marroig, where his personal belongings, paintings, furniture and ceramics from different periods are kept.

Formentor (Formentor) is on the lips of every tourist who comes to Mallorca. A picturesque serpentine road leads to it, and the cape itself is charming and makes everyone who gets there admire it.

Excursion price along the route La Granja, Valldemossa, Sa Foradada, Son Marroig, Formentor through the city of Palma for 1-5 people (продолжительность 7 — 8 часов; в стоимость не входит: оплата входов в платные достопримечательности и питание; дополнительные часы оплачиваются отдельно 40 евро/час):

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