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You bought a house on the island of Mallorca and you wish just to sit near the swimming pool with a glass of cold champagne and enjoy the sunset. But life is unpredictable. It happened that the champagne is warm due to a malfunction of the refrigerator, the water in the swimming pool turned green and the sunset is not visible due to overgrown bushes. Such little things can very quickly make your life displeasing. There is a solution – you should entrust us with the management of your property in Mallorca!
The TROUBLESHOOTERMAJORCA will help you resolve the questions of after-sales property management. We will find for you an electrician, gardener, builder and carpenter. We will help you to pay bills and solve other problems related to the house. We will advise designers and project designers to create comfort in compliance with your wishes.

We will take care of your home on a regular basis:
• house cleaning;
• maintenance;
• connectivity to the Internet;
• land plot care;
• repair;
• home insurance;
• Alarm system connection and more.

It is very difficult to resolve problems in a foreign country if you do not speak the local language. Especially in Spain, where they like to say “mañana” for all questions, which in essence will definitely not mean tomorrow, and most likely not very soon. Go about your business, especially if you live in another country, and you have property in Mallorca for vacations, and be shure that we will do everything for you and present a report on work performed!

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