Yacht rental in Mallorca

Rise your rest on a new level!

TROUBLESHOOTERMAJORCA offers you a large selection of yachts! You can rent a luxury yacht with a captain and staff on board; rent an reasonably priced yacht per day; rent a boat without a captain and without a license for a small company; book a boat with a captain and take a walk in the best bays of Mallorca; rent a yacht hourly and enjoy the sunset.


You want to add variety to your holidays on the island of Mallorca, but you don’t know how?

A boat trip in Mallorca is a very popular service. In general, renting a yacht on the island of Mallorca has become not a luxury, but a prerequisite for a good rest. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a cheap boat rental or a luxury yacht rental - in one day you will overcome long distances, look at the island from different sides and be able to visit deserted, secluded beaches. Therefore, if you want to spend time in comfortable, unforgettable and safe conditions, get new positive emotions, a boost of energy and a lot of memories, then renting a yacht in Mallorca will be the best choice, and TROUBLESHOOTERMAJORCA will help you do this quickly and efficiently.

Recently, it has become very popular not to check into a hotel, but to rent a boat in Mallorca for several days, and sometimes weeks. It is great to wake up every day in a new place, enjoy nature and views, relax away from strangers, enjoy the sunset in the sea and meet the sunrise. See it for yourself!

Make your vacation romantic! Renting a yacht in Mallorca is an adventure whose emotions will forever remain in your memory and add vivid memories.
For a honeymoon, for relaxing with family or friends, it is an excellent solution to rent a yacht with a skipper. And if you have a license, you can rent a boat without a crew. If it is necessary, the yacht can be equipped with various marine equipment, fishing equipment, a rubber boat, etc.

For yacht rental in Mallorca, contact us or leave your request and we will find you the perfect option for the time you need!

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